Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts


2 oz//$14

There is a certain magic that happens when we allow ourselves to fully sink into the softness of our hearts. When we step out of trying to feel from a place of wanting to heal and fix everything that feels out of place and just settle into being radiant love, everything shifts around us. This tea helps us to come into that place. Hawthorn has long been regarded as not only a tree of great sacred magic, but also an amplifier of the heart energy. It is a cardiotonic, and circulatory system modulator, but it acts on the energetic heart as well. It increases our capacity to give and receive love, while allowing us to heal the old wounding, so that we may be open and wild hearted, while at the same time establishing safe and sacred boundaries.

Alongside the power of hawthorn, we have the gentle but potent medicine of rose, both the petals and hips. Throughout the ages, rose has been known for its ability to activate the heart senses, as well as being the symbol of love. We also have the nervine adaptogen, tulsi, who is known as the Queen of the Herbs. This gem is lovely in this blend as she asks us to surrender. To fully engage our ability to receive. She helps us to clear out old, stuck patterns and stories, allowing us to write new ones. Tulsi is a true balancer of our multidimensional being. 

Contains: Tulsi, Hawthorn leaf, flower, and haws, Milky Oat tops, Rose petals, Rose Hips, Cardamom, Cinnamon

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