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About Wild Betty Botanicals

Ally is an intuitive, clairvoyant, and a plant healer. Since a very young age, she was learning to communicate with the land where she was born, being taught by the plants themselves, as her very first teachers. Her purpose on this planet is to help individuals on their journey back home, to their connection to the Earth. The first step in cultivating that connection is to tend to that connection to self. Through guided meditations, clairvoyant readings, energy healing, and plant medicine, Ally helps to empower people to reclaim their sovereignty, their health, and their wholeness. 

Growing  up on a  ranch in Montana,  she has always felt deeply connected and rooted into the natural  world around her. It always felt as though plant medicine was something innately sowed within her soul. She remembers, even as a little girl, she had the desire to always tend to her animals’ ills, always trying  to care for the horses and dogs when they were sick or injured. Her mother would find her making wild flower teas for her dolls and putting plants on her animals to heal their wounds. Even in play, she knew that this was something written in the story of her soul. Having been raised as a Christian Scientist,  medicine was reserved for the animals, but for humans there was only prayer and the power of the mind to look to for healing. While this gave her a unique perspective to see the mind/body/spirit integration, she always felt as though there was something missing. It wasn’t until she picked up a copy of Jethro Kloss’s Back to Eden that she knew her life’s true calling- to work with the magic of the world of plant medicine.  Unfortunately, since it was not my familial background to work with physical medicine, she didn’t have much guidance as to where to begin.  

So, she started reading, meeting the plants, and making them her first teacher. As life progressed, she  enrolled in a distance learning program with Gail Edwards of Blessed Maine Herb Farm. After completing her program, she continued her herbal education with the Fairy Godmother of herbalism, Rosemary  Gladstar. Not soon after the birth of her son, did she discover Sarah Entrup, founder of Free The She. After her first reading from Sarah, she knew that she was the one who would guide her on her soul’s journey, reconnecting her with all of the parts of her spirit that were begging to come home to herself.She took a leap of faith and decided to sign up for Sarah’s Intuitive Development program, which has completely transformed her life’s work, opening up the channels of divine attunement. 

As her own healing journey has progressed, the focus of her work has shifted to focus on the soul’s  healing. Utilizing a wide range of modalities, including intuitive energy work that focuses on addressing the subtle bodies, herbal medicine, clairvoyant readings, and flower essences, she helps to empower people to find their own inner healer, so that they may restore balance and vitality.



I feel deeply privileged to have shared my healing path with Ally. She has an unquestionable ability feel into your soul’s story, sense any baggage you or your environment carries, and the power to cleanse and transform what she finds. Her insights are deep, very real, and very beautiful.

She’s turned me into a true believer of psychic and clairvoyant powers, and illuminated things that were holding me back on my soul’s path. The beautiful thing was that she consistently reminds those around her of their freewill and the necessity of making choices-so I felt supported, without being pushed into anything.

Her energy and education is a quilt of many traditions-she is always exploring and genuinely embraces what she comes into contact with. The wild world and divine nurturance are one for her. She emanates honesty, and reminds us we need to get dark sometimes to heal and feel our strength! From working with her I’ve found a real turning point in my path and healing-I feel more settled and serene than I have in a long time, and I can hear the plants and devas again! Her connection to the earth is a chain reaction-everyone around her flowers in their connectivity. 

Hannah, Montana



An intuitive reading and healing session with Ally Leadbetter is like having a gentle loving conversation with your essence. Filled with insight and supportive guidance, I was able to ground into my truest self with confidence.  


Ally is connected to a universal force that carries vital information for our life's purpose. She shares her insightful wisdom with such grace and integrity as my soul resonated to its vibration.


Gifted as both an herbalist and intuitive healer, Ally's commitment to earth and humanity healing is inspiring.  A session with Ally made me feel such gratitude, courage to heal my imprints and continue on my journey home.


Becki, Montana